Das Adaptive Technology Resource Centre der Faculty of Information Studies der Universität von Toronto hat ein detailliertes Papier herausgegeben, das die Zugänglichkeit mit dem Dateiformat OOXML behandelt.

Wofür steht das ATRC?

… The ATRC supports open standards …
We are strong advocates of the overlooked principle that people with disabilities should be producers and not only consumers of information, knowledge and culture. …

Welchen Schluss zieht das ATRC bezüglich OOXML?

There are grave issues with respect to the accessibility of Office Open XML as a format and potential standard that should preclude its adoption at present. It may be the case that OOXML can be improved to ameliorate some of the more specific technical concerns, but it is most likely too late for the higher-level issues, especially those inherent in the process by which OOXML was developed. We suggest that energy would be better spent in the ongoing effort to improve the existing ISO ODF standard (with which OOXML would overlap and compete if it is adopted). In any event, decisions with respect to standardized document formats should be made in consultation with members of disability communities, disabilities experts and developers of assistive technologies, with universal accessibility as a core requirement as opposed to an ad hoc afterthought.

Der volle Bericht ist hier nachzulesen:
Accessibility Issues with Office Open XML vom 07. August 2007.

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